Why therapy?

What is psychotherapy?cropped-pauline-jurkevicius-762705-unsplash-5.jpg

Psychotherapy is also known as talk therapy. It is a way to help people who are experiencing difficulty with a broad range of life stresses. This may include issues such as anxiety, depression, trauma, chronic illness, grief, disruptive family dynamics, life transitions, alcohol/substance abuse, or eating disorders.

Talking with a psychologist can help you gain a deeper understanding into your thoughts, feelings, reactions and perceptions.  Your time in a therapy session, is a sacred time for you to specifically focus on yourself, without having to worry about the intrusions of daily life.

How is therapy different that talking with my friends or family?

While nothing beats a good heart to heart with someone you love, friends and family can’t always be unbiased when it comes to offering advice or support. As a psychologist, Dr. Rubinstein can listen more objectively.  She may be better positioned to see you both as an individual and also as part of larger systems including your family, school or community environments.  Having this broader perspective enables  to her provide more options than a concerned friend or family member.  Additionally, many people feel more comfortable sharing with their therapist, because they do not have to fear hurting a loved one’s feelings.

I have heard that there are different types of therapy. What types of therapy does Dr. Rubinstein provide?

Dr. Rubinstein offers Individual Therapy, Couples/Family Therapy, Group Therapy, and Vocational Assessments/Professional Coaching. Click here to read more about these types of therapy.