Consultation Services

cropped-pauline-jurkevicius-762705-unsplash-1.jpgDr. Rubinstein offers Individual Therapy, Couples and Family Therapy, Group Therapy, Vocational Assessments and Professional Coaching and Professional Supervision. Dr. Rubinstein provides consultation services to medical and legal practitioners, as well as various agencies and schools.

Individual Therapy

During an Individual Therapy session, Dr. Rubinstein helps her patients to identify dysfunctional patterns of behavior, learn better strategies for coping with difficulties and develop more independent thinking.

Couples and Marital

In Couples/Marital sessions Dr. Rubinstein looks at the impact of previous relationships and how these may be played out in current relationship disturbances.  She helps the couple improve communication and gives them tools for how to handle conflict.

Vocational Assessments and Professional Coaching

Vocational Assessments/Professional Coaching consists of using various assessment tools to identify what type of work environment a person would do best in. The professional coaching then focuses on specific types of professional development that need to occur. This format is short term and future oriented.  This is a great modality for students and people considering a life or job transition.


Goals of coaching include:

-Improving confidence and self esteem
-Improving communication skills
-Developing healthier work/life balance
-Conflict resolution skills
-Identifying road blocks to success and exploring alternate approaches
-Performance optimization
-Enhancing leadership skills

Professional Supervision

Dr. Rubinstein is a Qualified Supervisor and provides supervision for mental health professionals working toward licensure.  She also co-facilities a monthly networking/professional development group that discusses cases, marketing trends and offers peer supervision for professionals in the fields of mental health and addictions.